Software Sustainability Institute: Collaborations Workshop
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HUBzero - Sandra Gesing

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posted on 2021-03-31, 07:36 authored by Sandra GesingSandra Gesing, Claire Stirm, Michael Zentner
Lightning talk presentation at Collaborations Workshop 2021,

The science gateway framework HUBzero® has been enhanced and further developed since its initial vision in 1996 – always driven by requirements of the diverse communities applying HUBzero® for their research. Novel frameworks and concepts on the user interface side such as Javascript libraries and Jupyter notebooks support communities in their working environment with easy-to-use user interfaces while novel technologies and concepts in the backend allow for effective and efficient modeling, simulations and processing research tools and data. HUBzero®’s enhancements include extensions for BOINC and XSEDE infrastructures on the backend while offering interactive computations and analytical tools via Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, and other web applications as publishing environments. HUBzero® offers diverse models for sustainability and maintenance of hubs. The the lightning talk will present sustainability decisions and related technical developments.