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Understanding Software Community Formation

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posted on 2022-03-28, 14:43 authored by Daniel S. KatzDaniel S. Katz, Michelle Barker, Wolfgang BangerthWolfgang Bangerth, T. Daniel Crawford, Peter ElmerPeter Elmer, Jennifer Harrow, Lorraine HwangLorraine Hwang, Fotis PsomopoulosFotis Psomopoulos, Graeme A Stewart, Michael Zentner
In some fields, communities effectively work together to develop multiple software packages that advance the field, e.g. high energy physics, astronomy. I'm studying how such efforts start (via examining 6 communities), what problems they overcome, and how these efforts can be encouraged in other fields. This lightning talk for Collaborations Workshop 2022 (CW22) will introduce this idea and ask attendees to contact me with their examples of successes and failures.


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